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Current discussion topic: Excellent Remedy For Disease

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Interesting article to read:

Secrets to long life
Excerpt taken from National Geographic Article from November 2005

"From 1976 to 1988 the National Institutes of Health funded a study of 34,000 California Adventists to see whether their health-oriented lifestyle affected their life expectancy and risk of heart disease and cancer. The study found that the Adventists' habit of consuming beans, soy milk, tomatoes, and other fruits lowered their risk of developing certain cancers. It also suggested that eating whole wheat bread, drinking five glasses of water a day, and, most surprisingly, consuming four servings of nuts a week reduced their risk of heart disease. And it found that not eating red meat had been helpful to avoid both cancer and heart disease."

"The story offered a way to speak about health care in terms of faith -- that health care could be 'sacred work,' that caring for the body was caring for the 'temple of God' and many people resonated with those ideas," Doblmeier said. ANN

FDA new food guide

The food pyramid has been dismantled in favor of a simple plate icon that urges Americans to eat a more plant-based diet.

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