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Three buildings style connected together. From an aerial view it looks like the HopeSide triple cross logo.

Left side building

Food Court, banquet hall, open seven days a week. Featuring intercontinental healthy and tasty food.

Various floors: General dining, special dining with some condos and office spaces featured.

Center building

1200>2000 seat church with balcony. Featuring a front stage area and high tech AV media, lighting, misc. special effects. Can host religious services, movies, concerts, conventions, weddings and other events with rental options.

Right side building

Recreation center will feature misc. exercise and indoor games like pool, video games etc. The stage area can be used for music performances and a high end AV setup will be there. Memberships are offered to use the combo recreation and exercise center at a discounted rate along with day passes with higher rates.

Est. building dimensions

Est. length: 450 feet, Breadth: 180 feet, Height: 60 feet. > 2 Acres. Parking: 4 acres. Cost per building up to $25 million. Income per year projection is $10 mil. min.

Funding and membership recruitment

HopeSide.Com will feature HopeSide buildings and a 3D walk through to all three buildings. Anyone from any area or country can sign up to become a member and indicate where they would like to build a HopeSide Center. Members can list their areas of interest to serve in a potential building all online. Once a certain threshold of members and money is raised to build in a certain area or city, the building will start. All can donate and fundraising will be ongoing. Money will be held in escrow and audited regularly by a reputable accounting firm. The building process will be transparent from start to finish and ongoing. All are welcome. Open 24/7.